Tai Chi – Push Hands

tai-chi-pushing-handsPush Hands is probably the most balanced self-defense training method ever invented as it not only gives us all of the above, but also gives us a huge whole body physical workout. For self-defense, you MUST use methods that build the body using a changing state of weight and power, in fact pumping iron in a gym will take you backward as the weights are dead. A good push hands session will see your whole body sore afterward as every muscle is used in self-defense and attack. We DO attack hard and fast and every so-called push is regarded as a striking attack which can come from anywhere at any time.

Any grab of the wrist or arm is regarded as an attack and we attack relentlessly to such pauhing-hands-san-diego-tai-chigrabs. Always using the Tai Chi principle of never use force on force.

Many will see us doing our push hands and not see this and will remark that we seem to be using force! Well of course we are! You HAVE to use force in a real life situation, however, that force always come
from an angle, never head on and always after a split second movement that is designed to take the opponent’s mind away from what is really happening to him.


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